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Poison Ivy

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My reaction is intermittent.  Sometimes I get a rash and sometimes I don't.  Maybe some leaves just didn't have that much toxin on them or something.  Still, I avoid the stuff, so I haven't had an encounter in decades.

I had no reaction to it but my girlfriend at the time did. She pretty much cussed me out the rest of the week.

I never reacted to poison ivy when I was growing up, but I have no desire to test it out to see whether that's still the case. My mom gets a very severe reaction, and occasionally there is poison ivy in the flowerbeds in her yard, so she has to wear long pants and long sleeves if she works in the yard (no matter how hot it is) and she has to tuck the long sleeves into her gardening gloves to make sure the sleeves don't slide up by accident. I have no idea whether that sort of allergy might be genetic, so I just make it a point to avoid the stuff.

The worst poison ivy incident I recall was one year at Goshen Scout Camps (Camp Olmsted, to be specific): One of the new kids in our troop thought the pit toilet latrine was disgusting, but he really had to take a crap, so he went out in the woods and sat over a log and used some leaves to guessed it, the leaves were poison ivy, and he got a very bad reaction in a very bad place.

Never gotten it thankfully. I don't like touching plants in general so that helps.


--- Quote from: Roadgeekteen on September 27, 2021, 02:41:35 PM ---Never gotten it thankfully. I don't like touching plants in general so that helps.

--- End quote ---

No salads for this guy. :-D


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