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The key is to call them “parkways”, brand them as such, advertise them as such, everything, but ultimately still end up building a freeway.

Sits better with the public eye and could bring less opposition, and still ultimately get the same thing done.

Problem is, pretty sure this project does not involve a full freeway, and still has signalized intersections and lower speed limits than 65 mph.

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They are expressways by California standards it basically how San Jose and Santa Clara County got the Capital Expressway and Montague Expressway built. The Capital Southeast Connector is basically an expressway in the Sacramento Valley.

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Even so, politicians sometimes still use the word "freeway." Here is some media coverage from the May 5, 2021 groundbreaking with a quote from Assemblymember Jim Cooper.

--- Quote ---Assembly Member Jim Cooper, D-Elk Grove, described the Connector as a benefit to the local economy.

“You look at the construction equipment out here, it has created jobs,” he said. “They’re going to help build this Connector. And I think also, you look at Folsom and Rancho Cordova, they’re a job hub, a lot of tech jobs in Folsom. They’ve got a lot of jobs out here. And we do have Elk Grove residents that commute out here on a daily basis, using Highway 50, and at some point, they’ll be able to bypass that. And that will take that burden off of Highway 99, I-5 and also (Highway) 50.

“Think about this: As far as a major, new freeway in the region, this is the first one in 40, 50, 60 years. I think everybody’s excited. It’s been a long time coming. I think this was originally talked about in 1993, so that tells you how far we’ve come.”
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The article goes on to describe the three segments of the Capital Southeast Corridor underway ... and this initial phase does not look like freeway standards to me:

- Grant Line Road widening from two to four lanes from Waterman to Bradshaw roads (with new traffic signals at Mosher and Bradshaw roads) - completion in spring 2022
- Kammerer Road reconstruction/development from Bruceville Road to Lotz Parkway - completion by end of 2021
- White Rock Road reconstruction/expansion from East Bidwell Road to Prairie City Road with four-lane expressway separated by a median - completion winter 2022

Concrete Bob:
While I am fully in support of this project, I am rather disappointed that the section of the Capital Southeast Connector planned through the Wilton area could have up to six roundabouts in a 2.3 mile stretch: 

Personally, I feel roundabouts are fine for residential areas and isolated rural areas.  But they have no place on the main lanes of a regional expressway on the edge of a major urban area.  Just my opinion, though.     

Concrete Bob:
Yesterday (12/15), I took a drive on the future Capital Southeast Connector between its current southwestern terminus at Bruceville Road (south of Elk Grove) and East Bidwell Road in Folsom.  There has been significant progress at both ends of the route. 

Kammerer Road has been upgraded to a two-lane divided road from Bruceville Road to just west of West Stockton Boulevard in Elk Grove.  The authority responsible for constructing the connector will be adding an additional lane in each direction as funding and vehicle count direct.  This section of the connector has a break in the center median where Kammerer Road has a group of driveways to about ten homes.  A two-way left turn lane exists in this area.  I am uncertain whether the houses will be purchased when the road is widened to four lanes.  This section of the connector has a posted 55 MPH speed limit.  This section of road is a little under three miles.  It was completed in late November 2021.

The one-mile section of Grant Line Road between Waterman and Bradshaw Road is nearly complete.  This portion of the connector has four lanes with a raised center median.  All the traffic is currently using the northeast-bound carriageway.  It appears contractors only need to complete the lane striping and activate the traffic signals at Grant Line, Mosher and Bradshaw Roads.  Additionally, there is some sort of collector road to the right of the connector to provide access to the farms to the south of the connector.  When I drove through the area yesterday, workers were making adjustments to the traffic signals at Bradshaw Road.   

Finally, the section of White Rock Road between Prairie City Road and East Bidwell Street in South Folsom is also coming close to complete.  The westbound lanes of the connector have been paved, but the surface appears to need some additional minor treatment before contractors can apply striping to the westbound roadbed.  Google Streetview was updated recently to show images from November 2021 for this area of the connector.  So, head on over there and take a good look if you want.   


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One of the rationales back in 1984 for designation of then-CA 17 as I-880 and the freeway portion of CA 238 as I-238 was to secure Interstate designation for the default truck route from Hayward to the MacArthur Maze.  It was apparently reasoned at the time that commercial drivers (and dispatchers) would be more comfortable sending their vehicles over a signed Interstate than on a series of state freeways -- also, the period this took place was prior to the ending of regularized federal support for maintenance of designated Interstate facilities.

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Also that was around the same time when CA-7 Long Beach Freeway was renamed I-710 (Alhambra to Long Beach part) and CA-710(Pasadena) to accommodate Truck Traffic to the Port of Long Beach.

Back to SouthEast Connector this is for now a county route as far as I am aware for now until Caltrans step in and put a designation like how Westside Parkway is waiting to be approved as CA-58 in Bakersfield.
Or SouthEast connector will be like Vasco Rd in the East Side of Contra Costa County as the Bay Area's most busiest road on a non Caltrans highway.


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