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This is true? - Geographic oddities that defy conventional wisdom

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The Nature Boy:
Maybe this has been done but I was playing around with Google Maps and found this:

By car, New York City is closer to Portland, Maine than it is to Buffalo. (314 miles vs. 352 miles)

Yep - there's a whole lot of things that don't seem right until you look at a map.

Cape May, NJ is south of Baltimore & the northern-most points of Virginia.

I always find it interesting in that Memphis, TN is farther west than Madison, WI.


By linear distance, it's farther to travel from Kenora Ontario to Toronto Ontario (same province), then Jacksonville Florida to Toronto (it's about the same distance by car).

Canada's most southern point is farther south than the border with California and Oregon.

EDIT: fixed a bit of a typo

Big John:
Reno, NV is further west than Los Angeles, CA.

Pensacola, FL is further west of Washington Island, WI.


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