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Please post any functionality problems you encounter or other Forum software issues you note. We will use the input to better address the errors the recent database changes made.

The Facebook photos in the addition game (checked page 53, since that's the page I needed to go to to make my next play) aren't showing up for me.

Also check the thread title here:

Quebec is now Qu├ębec. 🦆


--- Quote from: 1 on September 29, 2023, 08:23:01 AM ---Also check the thread title here:

--- End quote ---

I just found one with the same problem:

Were these quotation marks before? I think they were. However, the 'NY 17/"I-86"' thread displays the quotation marks correctly.

EDIT: Apostrophes seem to also be glitched in the same way, but the sequence ends with a trademarked symbol rather than oe. (Edit to the edit: I made this edit before I saw 1's post.)


--- Quote from: kirbykart on September 29, 2023, 08:26:30 AM ---However, the 'NY 17/"I-86"' thread displays the quotation marks correctly.

--- End quote ---

Straight quotes are in ASCII, but curly quotes aren't. Which one gets used is browser-dependent; your keyboard can only input straight ones, but many browsers auto-change them. The same is true for apostrophes.

It looks like collation settings in the database need to be switched, I'll look into it next.


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