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Beehive Bridge for New Britain, CT

Started by KEVIN_224, September 20, 2019, 07:18:57 PM

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This is what my home town of New Britain, CT did to the Main Street Bridge spanning CT Route 72 on the north end of downtown. I get that we're considered a beehive of industry...but this feels like a waste of money.  :eyebrow:


Meh, it's a new thing to do for towns, Lebanon Indiana has decorative fairings on theirs over i-65, and in the atlanta area they have some on 75 and 85.
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jp the roadgeek

Guess they have to keep up with Willimantic and the Frog Bridge.
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Right...but the Frog Bridge isn't spanning a limited access expressway under it. I'd think that Main Street in New Britain gets a lot more traffic, too.

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