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--- Quote from: seicer on September 08, 2021, 05:06:52 PM ---Justice determined to see King Coal Highway finished

"Gov. Jim Justice says he is determined to see three major highway projects in the state completed, including King Coal Highway.


All highways have sections complete with the King Coal Highway project in Mercer County that connects Interstate 77/Rt. 460 with Airport Road scheduled to be finished this year.

Once it is open to traffic, the new road will provide improved access to the Mercer County Airport. It will also provide a new route to the Hatfield-McCoy Trail for ATV tourists who travel to the region each week as they can exit I-77, go to Airport Road and then to Brushfork and Rt. 52.

The next section is going from Airport Road to Littlesburg Road and Montcalm, but no plans are yet in place on when that will be done.


The Coalfields Expressway will connect the Beckley area and I-77/I-64 with Rt. 460 in Buchanan County, Va., cutting across McDowell County.

Funding for a section from Mullens to Welch, which will cost $200 million, was obtained earlier this year through the sale of turnpike bonds

Joe Pack, state Division of Highways District 10 engineer/manager, recently said rights-of-way are being secured in the Welch area to make way for the highway."

--- End quote ---

I saw a similar story on the Bluefield paper's website.

I was up there just a few months ago. There's no way they'll get the road from US 460 to WV 123 finished this year. I didn't see any excavation for the connector between the four lane and Airport Road. And it will be a grade-separated crossing, because bridges are being built over WV 123.


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