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US 89:

--- Quote from: Plutonic Panda on October 17, 2021, 09:40:05 PM ---^^^ not happy about that is needs to be a stack.

--- End quote ---

At I-80 and 56th West?  :-D  That would be some serious overkill and a tremendous waste of money that would be far better spent elsewhere in the state. Not to mention the lack of ROW without ripping up warehouses and hotels and whatever else.

Especially since in the somewhat near future we'll see a northward Mountain View Corridor extension to I-80.

Plutonic Panda:
^^^ Iím not too familiar with SLC. Is this the same road that is to become the West Davis freeway?

Different freeway.
West Davis is up by Ogden.
Mountain View is UT 85.

US 89:
Looks like UDOT is conducting an environmental study for improvements to Orem's 1600 North between I-15 and US 89, along some of the newest state highway mileage in Utah:

This is a good thing and is why UDOT took over the road in the first place - this road has a ton of traffic and needs some upgrades that Orem and Lindon couldn't afford to make.


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