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Evansville: US 41 truss bridge closed "indefinitely" after truck hit

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As for the lawsuit and compensation, it will be split apart across the various insurance entities, usually on levels of responsibility

- The drivers CDL insurance (if they have any, most rely on the trucking firm to carry a policy.)
- The trucking firms insurance (their truck was the one that drove through)
- The guide service insurance (doesn't matter that they called it out and the driver ignored it)
- The cargo's insurance (since it struck the bridge and they engaged the shipper to handle it))
- The shippers insurance (since they booked this trucking firm to ship it)

Most drivers worth their salt actually have measuring sticks to check their "real" height regardless of what a guide driver says.

Most guide services review the route with the driver before they leave, and they confirm the height to make sure the route is valid.

Now I am not picking on truck drivers or trucking firms, but there has been an acute shortage of truck drivers for several years.

The ones that do get their CDL are sometimes english challenged. Illinois had the one bribery problem with the DMV but it is not clear how widespread that is.

Recent accidents of trucks, especially in bad weather, have shown that the drivers were marginal in skill or barely understood many of the safety regs around the use of their rigs.

The story of a truck driver who attempted to drive his rig across a pony truss from 1902 becuase he thought it was a shortcut was a good example.

Work has begun to remove the bridge.


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