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Potomac Bridge Proposals Between NOVA and MD

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I saw a thread a few years old on this so I figured Iíd start a fresh one. Apologies if there is a more recent one.

Anyway, as a former VA resident, Iím curious to know if thereís any recent news or proposals for a new Potomac crossing between 495 and Leesburg?

I don't think there's any recent news about that, I suspect such a bridge would still be opposed by the local community.


--- Quote from: ran4sh on August 04, 2021, 01:09:34 AM ---I don't think there's any recent news about that, I suspect such a bridge would still be opposed by the local community.
a collection of Montgomery County, Maryland NIMBYS, civic activist obstructionists, environmentalist obstructionists, anti-highway/pro congestion obstructionists and promoters of the Montgomery County Agricultural Reserve.
--- End quote ---


There is conventional wisdom that everyone in Montgomery County is opposed to such a project and that everyone is in favor of public transit  - and say that the County Council has made transit "a priority."   Most residents of Montgomery County do not make transit a priority and do not use public transit to get to and from work (according to Census Bureau ACS) - and they never have.

The groups and persons mentioned above loudly proclaim opposition to new river crossings whenever they get a chance, but it has never been before the voters of Montgomery County.  Everyone was supposed to have been in favor of not building MD-200 (ICC) and removing it from planning maps, but that was built anyway over those same always loud and always angry groups raising objections - at the end when an ICC FEIS was approved, all of their objections had been addressed in a very long document, but they filed a federal lawsuit anyway, which was dismissed after about a year.

EDIT:  It is also important to note that there once plans for an Outer Beltway crossing of the Potomac River between the I-495 American Legion Bridge and White's Ferry - the location shifted around several times, and most recently was proposed for Blockhouse Point (location). That was cancelled in the 1970's when hysteria over "growth" was at its peak in Montgomery County under the leadership of the late Idamae Garrott, a longtime Montgomery County politician, who never met a highway project she did not wish to cancel (she was also anti-all-new-development).  The current Montgomery County Executive, Marc Elrich, is a direct political heir to Idamae Garrott.

It is important to note further that, even if there wasn't the opposition on the Maryland side, there is no clear right-of-way anymore on the Virginia side of the river (and hasn't been for a couple decades) to connect to either 28 or Fairfax County Pkwy, and plowing through the neighborhoods and developments to make such connections would most likely create NIMBY opposition on the Virginia side as well.

All recent proposals I can think of right now are all in fictional highways  :sombrero:


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