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SR-520 Portage Bay Bridge & Montlake Lid Concepts

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For such short spans, I'd go with box girders... the cable stayed seem a bit pretentious.

Jesus, they blew half the budget on those diagrams.



--- Quote from: jake on October 13, 2014, 04:45:15 PM ---Jesus, they blew half the budget on those diagrams.


--- End quote ---

Somehow I can see that being a reality.

I guess we should stick the "Rest of the West" news in here as well?

In the time since the last post here, construction has started on the Montlake lid and the new HOV-to-express ramp at the I-5 interchange. The latter has suffered a bit of setback as the concrete for one of the columns is visibly crumbling. Will have to be redone (at the contractor's expense) but won't affect opening day in 2024.

Wow, someone really screwed up there!

I saw the headline but I had read too many Seattle Times articles on my phone, so I couldn't read it and didn't see how bad it was in the pictures until now.

Do they just need to do some patching there or is it worse?


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