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Americans Driving on the Left

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--- Quote from: kphoger on December 23, 2022, 02:02:41 PM ---it's appropriate for small vehicles to yield to large ones
--- End quote ---
Good point, I should start doing this.

Actually, I've found that 18-wheelers tend to yield to passenger cars at four-way stops if it's close, at least around here:  they know it takes longer for them to clear the intersection, so they decide to be nice and let the car go first.

I've driven a number of times in the UK, and driving over there proved not that difficult t.b.h.  Especially motorways were a lot easier than expected. However on a normal crossroads you have to think about turning your car correctly to the left side of the road.

My experience was in a normal continental European car (my own), so I have no experience with driving a rental vehicle over there.


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