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Virginia State Highways (in development)

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The usava system was developed for the old CHM but never made it into the system.  It's in Travel Mapping now as an in-development system.  It had already been subject to some peer review, so hopefully this one won't need a ton of work.

Note: the following routes exist wholly or in part in usansf, so are temporarily not part of usava in the TM DB:


Just taking a quick look at this, it looks like usava has benefited greatly by Mapmikey's earlier review, such as including only signed wyes and excluding the many more that aren't signed.

A couple minor early comments:

-- For VA124, SprRunPkwy => SpoRunPkwy

-- I would be comfortable not breaking up VA 31 at its ferry crossing (AFAIK, only one on a Virginia state route), though I have no objection to keeping VA 31 as is, and more generally favor leaving the treatment of short ferry crossings up to the relevant team member. usaca has a few routes which have not yet been broken up by their ferry crossings, and I would be inclined to leave those routes unbroken. But as I noted in the Alaska State Highways topic, I don't feel that way about the 2-10 hour-long crossings linking up the four AK 7 segments.

-- EDIT: The south end of VA 166 may have changed, with its former intersection with US 17 closed now that both directions of US 17 traffic have been rerouted to what will be the northbound span of a new high-level bridge over the Elizabeth River. VA 166 was at least temporarily barricaded off at the marina entrance a few hundred feet north of the bridge, but pavement continues beyond that point. There was no End signage at the marina entrance, so I don't know if the new route end is there or will be somewhere else south of the barricade. VA 166 signage remains west of the Dominion Blvd. intersection, so the route seems to go at least as far as the marina.

Dave's philosophy was to include any state route that was signed with an actual shield and was in 1 or 2 segments at most, so that is why the 3xx routes that are included are there.

Routes that are not posted at all from the normal system (e.g. VA 113, VA 213) were not included. 

3xx and wye routes that are posted solely in white rectangles (even if in a single segment) were not included.    I would argue that maybe these should be included at some point as they are clearly signed, even if not in a shield.

I spot checked some changes I knew had occurred since I reviewed Dave's data and he had updated the VA 172 extension and the creation of VA 280.  I added VA 281.  There really shouldn't be too much requiring update...


I kinda wish VA would repost VA-381 from the end of I-381 to US-11/19/421 at least.

What's the difference between VA 7 Fwy and the equaivalent portion of VA 7? Seems like the segments and waypoints all match up exactly.


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