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Vermont State Highways (in development)

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For changes that need to be made on usavt routes before activation.  Any problems can be reported here or as an issue in our GitHub HighwayData repository.

Routes can be found here:

Almost there.  I'm just about at the point where I'll send Jim (since I haven't figured out GitHub yet) a few minor updates to about a half-dozen routes.

I have to redo VT 100 and swap one banner for another, though.  The previously discussed routing change in Morrisville has finally happened...sometime within the past 3 weeks.  Per signage I saw along VT 15 yesterday, mainline VT 100 is back on its old alignment through the village center, and the bypass is now signed as "ALT VT 100 Truck Route".  This is in line with what local officials had desired after the bypass opened.  As for Travel Mapping, what I'll do is move VT 100 to its old alignment, eliminate VT100HisMor, and create VT100AltMor along the bypass.

Once I get this done and submitted to Jim, Vermont should be ready for activation.

Jim:  sorry, I'd forgotten that you'd created a Vermont thread a couple weeks ago.


--- Quote from: froggie on November 26, 2015, 05:38:27 PM ---Jim:  sorry, I'd forgotten that you'd created a Vermont thread a couple weeks ago.

--- End quote ---

Merged them. :)

I've sent Jim (and Eric) a file with a few list updates, specifically the Morrisville route changes mentioned upthread.  With this, I feel Vermont can be activated.


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