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Vermont State Highways (in development)

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NICE! Looking it over now.

Edit: Jim, I'll go ahead and take care of the GitHub end of this.

VT15A: Needs VT100His -> VT100. I'll make the change in GitHub.
VT16: I noticed you hid QuaRd and NGreRd in situ. If there are going to be points there, and there are roads there, let's leave them as visible waypoints.
VT100AltMor: Since it's a child route, VT15/100 -> VT100_N
VT242: I suggest putting the old AccRd point back in for those who've used it in the past. Indeed, it's already in use in the preview system.

I've made the commits to GitHub with some changes as per above. I hope there are no objections. :) (Are there any?)

And usavt is active at long last.  Thanks to everyone who contributed to get it ready to go!  That does it for the northeastern U.S.

The race is on for who's next.


--- Quote from: Jim on January 11, 2016, 12:40:07 PM ---And usavt is active at long last.

--- End quote ---
20 days shy of 6 years after froggie began development.
2 years & 6½ months after the usavt preview hit the CHM HB.
2 years & 2 months after discussion on the CHM forum fizzled, and the system was effectively mothballed.


And with that, the single biggest and most annoying drag on my list file is no more. Well done! :clap:

Now if we could get Quebec and Florida finished, I'd be down to just about nothing left unaccounted for in my stats.


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