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Good Evening--

I have completed creating the data set for the South Carolina State Highways.  I need to go through the dozen routes or so already created, then I will go through my set one time as a review before sending all the files to Jim for upload and eventual peer review.

In the meantime, these are the posted banner routes for the state highways that I am aware of (some parts of SC I haven't been to in 20+ years).  Is anyone aware of any I have omitted?

SC 3 Bus (Springfield)
SC 5 Bus (York)
SC 6 Trk (Moncks Corner)
SC 9 Bus (Chester, Bennettsville, Lancaster, Loris)
SC 9 Trk (Cheraw)
SC 14 trk (Greer)
SC 18 Trk (Union)
SC 19 Trk (Aiken)
SC 20 Con (where SC 20-252-284 come together...this is posted with a CONN banner in the field)
SC 20 trk (Abbeville)
SC 23 trk (Edgefield)
SC 28 Bus (Anderson, Pendleton)
SC 34 Trk (Darlington)
SC 38 Bus (Bennettsville)
SC 41 ALT (Marion)
SC 41 bus (Andrews)
SC 47 Trk (Elloree)
SC 49 Trk (Union)
SC 56 Bus (Clinton)
SC 64 Bus (Walterboro)
SC 71 Trk (Abbeville)
SC 72 Bus (Clinton, Greenwood)
SC 75 trk (Van Wyck)
SC 125 Trk (N Augusta)
SC 151 bus (Hartsville, Jefferson, Pageland)
SC 157 trk (Kershaw)
SC 160 trk (Fort Mill)
SC 161 bus (York)
SC 203 trk (Abbeville)
SC 252 trk (Ware Shoals)
SC 290 trk (Greer)
SC 341 trk (Kershaw)
SC 453 trk (Holly Hill)


Happy Christmas!

I have now completed going through each route and made appropriate adjustments to waypoints.  This also included making fixes to 4 US route files (US 76-178 missing SC 28 Bus intersection in downtown Anderson and US 521-601 Bus in Kershaw calls its SC 341 junction SC 157).

I submitted this evening the entire file set to Jim for inclusion in the development section of TM.  Hopefully a person or two interested in the SC set can look through them for peer review. 

If someone wants the files sent to them directly just pm me with your e-mail address and I can send separately.  otherwise assuming I didn't make fatal errors in the files they'll be on the TM soon enough...


Thanks to @Mapmikey for some excellent work getting the first draft of usasc complete!  There's an update running now that will put these into the TM database as a "devel" level system.

After an initial review of the system to look for omissions or other major errors, we can promote it to "preview" so users can start adding entries for usasc routes to their .list files during the more thorough peer review process, working out of datacheck problems, and other fixes in anticipation of activation.

As always, errors can be reported in this thread or by creating an issue in the TravelMapping/HighwayData repository on GitHub.

A first thing to note here is several "LABEL_SLASHES" datacheck errors.  CHM's rule, which we have continued to follow so far in TM, is that when a waypoint label is at a place that suggests inclusion of 3 or more route numbers, we select two of them and use only those numbers.  So something like SC 21's "US21/176/321" would become "US21/176".

Personally, I have no problem changing this guideline and using all three (or more) numbers for labels like this, but that's a discussion for the larger group to have.

I have looked at the potential error log generated by the newly uploaded SC data set...

I don't know the genesis of the 'slash' rule or what it is meant to prevent.  While I can see leaving off the state route (e.g. US 76/123 and SC 28), I am fuzzier about why to do this with an all-US route waypoint.  But if the prevailing opinion is to stick with the 2-route rule, I can fix the 9 wpt files that have this, no problem...

For the ones that are not related to having 3 or more routes in a label:

SC6TrkMon is routed correctly (false angle error)
For both SC41 and SC107, these are stretches of highway through National Forests that have nothing but tiny dirt roads as intersections
For SC125, this stretch is through the Savannah River Site which does not have publicly accessible intersecting roads



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