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english si:
For changes that need to be made on fran routes before activation.

Routes can be found here:

I'd like to start checking the system but I already have a question about N2...

It begins in the suburbs of Paris but according to Google Maps, OSM, MQOpenMap and Bing Map, it seems to begin at Boulevard Péripherique (48.900549,2.387842). Is there any reason why it should not begin at BP?

english si:
Because I went by what have, because they have the official route. Seine St Denis shouldn't gain a load of N roads in Travel Mapping because the department cannot replace signs like the others all have!

I've checked the whole system. My comments:

FRA N2 D138 should be renamed to D136 (wrong name)
FRA N2 D221 should be renamed to D231_W (wrong name)
FRA N2 D231 should be renamed to D231_E (see previous one)
FRA N2 new D2 (49.287466,3.167935)
FRA N2 D1 should be renamed to D1_S (see next one)
FRA N2 new D1_N (49.400529,3.367331)
FRA N2 new D51 (49.594154,3.659520)
FRA N2 new D63 (49.731352,3.754776)
FRA N2 D1029_E should be renamed to D1043 (wrong name)
FRA N2 D95e should be renamed to D195 (wrong name)

FRA N4 D212e is correct according to Bing but D20e according to GM and OSM
FRA N4 D2a!? Maybe it should be called RuePar
FRA N4 new D373_W (48.727219,3.686138)
FRA N4 D373 should be renamed to D373_E
FRA N4 D18 is D16 according to BM, GM and OSM
FRA N4 C4 should be renamed to D560
FRA N4 C should be renamed to RueMer

FRA N5 N78 should be renamed to D678 because there is no N78 in France
FRA N5 RouNoi: There is no street with this name, I would call it D29E1
FRA N5 D25: There is no D25 but D29, D415 and D1005. D25 is west of N5 but w/o direct connection

FRA N7 44 should be renamed to 43, I think the partial interchange 44 is not required
FRA N7 there's a new expressway section from Saint-Prix to Saint-Martin-Estreaux in service since 19th March 2014:
 - D990 should be relocated and renamed to 57 (46.2191583,3.6776733)
 - D26 should be removed
 - D420 should be renamed 58 (or D424)
 - new CheBri (46.204562,3.814466)
FRA N7Val CheMin: There's a Rue de l'Argentiere (GM,OSM) which is called Chemin de l'Argentiere on Bing --> RueArg or CheArg
FRA N7Val N82: There is no N82. N82 is the southern extension of another N7 segment; should be renamed to D519
FRA N7Val D4 should be renamed to D13 (BM,GM,OSM)

FRA N9 still exists b/n Pézenas and Béziers! ( There's a gap on mapview if N9 is missing
 - N9 new A75_N (45.263530,3.200412)
 - N9 new N122  (45.251084,3.197107)
 - N9 new A75_S (45.241355,3.203931)

FRA N10Ven new D19 (47.939346,1.204891)
FRA N10Ven new D957P (47.771897,1.059536)

FRA N10 D43C should be renamed to D4C (wrong name)
FRA N10 D472 should be renamed to D742 (wrong name)
FRA N10 RueJBPor should be renamed to D92 (or D23)
FRA N10 RueBas should be renamed to D72
FRA N10 D142 should be renamed to D142_N (see next one)
FRA N10 ToD248 should be renamed to D142_S

FRA N12Ale A86; corresponding A86 waypoint N12 is at a different location (48.782013,2.162268); there's currently a gap on mapview
FRA N12Ale RouPave should be renamed to D112_E
FRA N12Ale new D45 (48.647811,0.755911)
FRA N12Ale D112 should be renamed to D112_W

FRA N13 new D62 (49.513632,-1.495186)
FRA E46 new D62 (49.513632,-1.495186)
FRA E3  new D62 (49.513632,-1.495186)

FRA N13Evr new D57e (49.013850,1.245403)

FRA N13Neu and N314 do currently have almost the same route but the waypoints are different. It looks quite strange on mapview with rg=fra. I'm not sure about the exact N314 route (I think it's just each a part of the western A14 feeders). For that reason, I don't want to make a suggestion how to modify the waypoints right now but it should be changed.

FRA N17 AveGli should be renamed to AvePaix (closer to the i/c)

FRA N19 D30 should be renamed to D307 (wrong name)
FRA N19 D3_E should be renamed to D200 (wrong name)

FRA N20 RueMar should be renamed to D2 or RueMai (wrong name)
FRA N20 RueOrgOrlu: There are different street names but no RueOrgOrlu; should be renamed to D22 (wrong name)
FRA E9 wrong waypoint order, should be: 192 (D30) - 194 (N20/N116) - 193 (D68) - 195 (N116_E) - 196 (FRA/ESP)

FRA N21 C301 should be renamed to C2
FRA N21 new D38 (44.986944,0.602746)
FRA N21 C201_W should be renamed to D13
FRA N21 C201_E should be replaced by D25 (44.703817,0.563263)

FRA N21Auc C121 should be replaced by D813 (44.175044,0.617938)
FRA N21Auc new D15 (44.068046,0.648279)
FRA N21Auc RueDup should be a hidden waypoint only (wrong name)
FRA N21Auc A64: I would move the waypoint to the bridge as usually because the gap looks quite strange on mapview; A64 (43.218930,0.016951)

FRA N520Lim 2nd N520 section in Limoges b/n A20 and N21 missing, please refer to! There's currently a strange gap on mapview
FRA N21Lim D11 should be renamed to N520 (see previous one)

FRA N25 D117 should be replaced by more important waypoint D31 (50.074810,2.324359)
FRA N25 new D8 (50.218119,2.578294)

FRA N31 new ToD94 (49.390149,2.075214)
FRA E46 new ToD94 (49.390149,2.075214)
FRA N31 waypoint 30 has no name in wpt file. Should be D901
FRA N31 new D55 (49.409737,2.339626)
FRA E46 new D55 (49.409737,2.339626)
FRA N31 RueEco should be renamed to D26_W (there's no RueEco)
FRA E46 RueEco should be renamed to D26_W (there's no RueEco)
FRA N31 new D36 (49.403280,2.745112)
FRA E46 new D36 (49.403280,2.745112)
FRA N31 new D805 (49.358731,3.324480), please refer to N2 which already contains this waypoint
FRA E46 new D805 (49.358731,3.324480), please refer to N2 which already contains this waypoint

FRA N33 new D26D (49.153460,6.708521)

FRA N41 RueEmiZola should be renamed to D952

FRA N42 new D215 (50.728367,1.907254)

FRA N43Sed D643 should be renamed to D764 (wrong name)

FRA E44 wrong waypoint order, please refer to data check error list

FRA N44 D44a should be renamed to D1 (wrong name)

FRA N47 new D145a (50.533367,2.834081)

FRA N51 RouBouFid should be renamed to D22

FRA N52Rom D47 should be renamed to D10 (wrong name)
FRA N52Rom new RueThi (49.263883,6.109385)
FRA N52Rom new D181 (49.240241,6.108076)
FRA N52Rom new D112c (49.228892,6.111252)
FRA N52Rom new D52 (49.211485,6.125071)

FRA N59 D590_Roan should be renamed to D259
FRA N59 new N420 (48.292387,6.930871)

FRA N61 N62 should be renamed to D662 (wrong name)
FRA E29 has the same route like N61 but waypoint names and locations are different! Should be the same but E29 with additional A4 waypoint

FRA N65 A6 waypoint is incorrect because the feeder is not N65 ( But I like that there's no gap on mapview. It's similar at N59Sel but there's no waypoint at A35. Should N59Sel get an additional A35 waypoint or should the N65 A6 waypoint be removed? N201 is similar to N65.

FRA N66  new D35a (47.988837,6.621429)
FRA E512 new D35a (47.988837,6.621429)
FRA N66  D468 should be renamed to D486 (wrong name)
FRA E512 D468 should be renamed to D486 (wrong name)
FRA N66  new D141 (47.878268,7.018675)
FRA E512 new D141 (47.878268,7.018675)

FRA N67 RouJoi should be renamed and relocated to AveJeaPieTim (48.622754,4.993500)

FRA N77 RueTro should be renamed and removed to D334 (47.942164,3.732690)
FRA N77 D34 should be renamed to D43 (wrong name)
FRA N77 RueCha should be renamed and removed to D112 (48.043359,3.793137)
FRA N77 RueFon should be renamed to D1B
FRA N77 RueFlo should be renamed to D188
FRA N77 RuePaix should be renamed to D190
FRA N77 CheCar should be renamed to removed to D141 (48.257927,4.030737)

N85 new D1085B (45.083176,5.7459086)
N85 new D115B (44.960095,5.780063)
N85 new D115D (44.933882,5.781523)
N85 new D900B (44.546430,6.064340)

N85Dig RouNap should be renamed to RouMar (wrong name)
N85Dig D900 should be moved to 44.082529,6.217231 (wrong location)
N85Dig Cha  should be moved to 44.016613,6.252781 (wrong location)

N86 new D980 (44.176748,4.619718)

N88 RueNat should be renamed to D908 (wrong name)

N88Rod AveRod should be renamed to D216
N88Rod new D901 (44.363639,2.575006)
N88Rod 18 should be renamed to 17
N88Rod 17 should be a hidden waypoint because there's no interchange (I guess it has been removed with the duplication works which have been completed last March)

N90 new N994H (44.586570,6.513412)

N100 new BouMidi (43.949265,4.770791)

N106 new D982 (44.015456,4.155407)

N1104 new D401 (49.018367,2.583900)

N112 ends in Mazamet (
 - N112 new D65 (43.517746,2.309403)
 - N112 new D621_W (43.511016,2.334938)
 - N112 new D621_E (43.508285,2.351975)
 - N112 new D118 (43.506822,2.378368)

N116 RouLlo should be renamed to D33

N123 new D910 (48.416042,1.464271)

N124 D272 should be renamed to 17

N125 D125 should be renamed to D825 (wrong name)
N125 BedDes should be a hidden waypoint because there's no junction

N126 D612 should be renamed and relocated to BouMag (43.600726,2.234918)

N137 D163 should be renamed to D16 (wrong name)
N137 RueOrv should be renamed to D75

N137Roc ends at waypoint 5 south of Aytre (
 - waypoint 6 to 13 should be removed

N137Sai ends just west of N150 (
 - A10 should be renamed to A10/D137 (like E603)

N141 D57 should be renamed to D737 (wrong name)
N141 waypoint 30 to 57 are identical to E603 waypoint 33 to 59 and should have a similar name (E603 with (N141) suffix) but exactly the same location
N141 waypoint 44 is missing at E603 and should be added

N150 D136 should be renamed to D131 (wrong name)

N151 new D955 (47.097663,2.462997)
N151 new D38 (47.223211,3.111898)
N151 new D33 (47.335085,3.348748)

N154 new D1013 (49.015299,1.191287)
N154 D929 should be renamed to D20 (wrong name)
N154 new D929 (48.727966,1.388922)
N154 D121 should be renamed to D153.3 (wrong name)
N154 new D140 (48.643380,1.403321)
N154 new D26 (48.606411,1.420669)

N1569 new CheMas (43.499931,4.966705)

N162 N2162 should be renamed to D217E (wrong name)
N162 C6 should be renamed to D605 (wrong name)

N191 D117 should be renamed to D177 (wrong name)

N205 waypoint names and locations should be absolutely identical to E25Mtb waypoints 23-40 but it isn't.

N216 southern segment is A216 ( A216 route is currently not existing and should be added!

N244 D944 should be renamed to 28 (like E46 waypoint)
N244 new 28.1 (49.229958,4.068332; like E46 waypoint)

N2537 still exists and should be added (
 - N2537 new N537 (46.163262,-1.194184)
 - N2537 new AveJeaGui (46.159877,-1.197536)

N282 D6015 should be moved to the same location like E5 waypoint (49.501733,0.189750)

N301 ends at A1 (; waypoint 1 D30 should be removed

N316 new RouDun (51.020733,2.198295)
N316 new DunFry (51.020463,2.191139)

N338 D92 should be renamed to D94 (wrong name)

N346 11 should be renamed to A43

N356 1 should be renamed to A25

N410 N412 should be renamed to RueJul (wrong name; N412 does not exist)

N440 and N441 should be deleted because their route is part of A6 on mapview, they are parallel ramps only

N520 61 should be renamed to D200 (like at E603)
N520 59 should be renamed to N147 (like at E603)
N520 new RueAme (45.891057,1.280701)
E603 new RueAme (45.891057,1.280701)

N520Lim exists, it's a 2nd section (; remained classified in 2006), please refer to N21
 - N520Lim new N21 (45.817195,1.252871)
 - N520Lim new D941 (45.826040,1.268008)
 - N520Lim new A20 (45.838607,1.281967)

N524 new D223E1 (44.515986,-0.239467)

N534 3 should have the same location like E713 waypoint (44.977641,4.966679)

N537 ends at the harbor (
 - new RueAlf (46.160297,-1.205320)

In addition, there are currently some French data check errors which should be corrected in combination with my comments.
I'd like to get a short response if some of my comments will not be applied. Just do understand why. Thanks in advance :).

I could check the remaining French in-dev systems like frht, glpn, gufn, ncle,... as soon as they'll have "preview" status. Please trigger me :).

What's about the Belgian preview systems belb and belr? Is there any reason why there's not yet a thread for reporting issues?

english si:
Thanks michih, I'll look at those corrections later (I will say now that the N9 became A75 last year and I removed it from my files then - there is no gap, and if there was, the N9 would still be plugging it!).

Over the Holidays I have added the following N road systems in non-Metropolitan France. Routes will be found here: [*] (Guadaloupe (& Sainte Martin))
[*] (French Guiana)
[*] (Martinique)
[*] (Mayotte)
[*] (Sainte Pierre et Miquelon)
[*] (Reunion)[/list]

I also added territorial routes:
Routes will be found here: [*] (Corsica)
[*] (New Caledonia)
[*] (French Polynesia)
[*] (Wallis et Futuna)[/list]

I also added the expressways of New Caledonia, which is a tier 2 system:


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