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Pennsylvania Interstate Mileage


Looking at my log, despite all the interstates individually coming in at 100% and no mileage is off between that which is clinched and the length of the interstates, overall when it is summed up into PA interstate mileage, there's a .24 mile gap that doesn't seem to be clinchable anywhere for interstate mileage in PA (i.e., total clinched is .24 less than total PA interstate mileage).

I know this is really...really...really minor, but thought I'd bring it up to be added to the end of the priority listing. :D

A quick look shows that the short piece of I-86 that dips into PA near Waverly is 0.24 miles long.  Do you have that segment or the corresponding NY 17 segment in your .list?

Ah, I see what's going on.  The log doesn't list interstates that you don't have any mileage clinched on (0 percenters).  So, even though I've clinched everything else, the 0 percent I-86 Waverly section doesn't show up.

So...never mind.  Evidently, I just like wasting everyone's time.  :ded:

In most cases, the lack of 0% roads is probably a good thing, but in this case, it would have been useful to see that entry for clarity.  I think the stats pages will probably list all of the routes, and I'm going to add columns to the csv stats files that list all routes by region/system that would more clearly indicate what's going on.

I don't have a strong opinion one way or another now that I finally realized what was going on.  All I needed to know was that I incorrectly understood what the parameters were that created the log.  It's all good now.


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