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A bit of a play on words here - what subjects do you feel you know quite a bit about and are confident in your knowledge because of first hand exposure in your area/region of the country? In particular, try to think of subjects that people in other parts of the country have probably heard of, but might know very little about: what do you enjoy telling visitors or doing with them that's unique to your area? Also note that this is meant to be related strictly to your geographic area, not subjects you may have studied or industries you are currently employed in unless they're area-specific. Hopefully, this will also be a chance for us to learn a bit more about other parts of the country and world.

For me, in upstate NY:

* Lake effect snow (we average close to 100" per season)
* Automatic car washes (cause of the worst traffic jams in the area!)
* Pizza (Italian influence in the area, tons of great local choices to compare & contrast, pairs well with next entry)
* Chicken wings (buffalo wings originated nearby, also tons of great local choices)
* Trash/garbage plates (originated in Rochester)
* Wegmans (grocery chain that originated in Rochester)
* Crossing the border (close proximity to Canada and have crossed many times)
* Tim Hortons (only half-serious, but western NY is one of few areas in the US where they're almost as prevalent as Dunkin')
Meanwhile, some areas where I lack expertise would include extreme weather other than snow (drought, hurricanes, tornadoes), most international cuisines, and traffic/congestion in general (a five minute delay is terrible around here!)

Public Transportation being somewhat usable (not exclusive to Boston of course but for all the problems with the T it blows many other US cities out of the water).

Something tells me that this thread will display more arrogance than expertise.

Max Rockatansky:
Apparently driving weird Central California one lane mountain roads and finding abandoned highway alignments. 

As for everyone else, all anyone seems to talk about around here is Agriculture stuff.  I know very little about the subject myself.  Taco Trucks seem to be something Fresno gets better than anywhere else Iíve ever lived.

Identifying bad drivers, especially truckers, in the Chicag..........................


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