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NJ to NC roadtrip report 06/13/2009

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-Whats the deal with the ramp construction on I-295 heading to the bridge? Its been under construction for at least 2 years now.
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If you're referring to the construction just before US 13, they're doing some sort of bridge redecking/replacement.  Since it has to be done under traffic, it's been taking awhile.


--- Quote ----Whats the deal with 60mph speed limits in southern states? Its rarely seen in the northeast and the roads I've seen it on could easily be signed 65mph (like I-95 between Colonial Heights and Richmond). Oddly, patrols on I-95 seemed light up to and along the beltway.
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  I mostly agree that I-95 between Colonial Heights and Richmond could be 65 but that won't change anytime soon especially north of VA 161 due to the Highway Safety Corridor.


--- Quote from: AARoads on June 14, 2009, 09:22:32 PM ---
The jughandle along Delaware 896 at Chestnut Hill Road (old Delaware 4) was added around 1990.
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Specifically, 1983 as part of the Christina Parkway project.


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