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2016 Summer olympics

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Stephane Dumas:
Besides Chicago and Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo is also on the bid to host the 2016 olympics

Personally, I wish then Chicago or Rio de Janeiro host them.  And Tokyo already hosted them (in 1964) and South America hadn't hosted them yet. Chicago was originally planned to host the 1904 games but it was at St. Louis since Chicago hosted an universal exposition

Also, I spotted on Youtube, this old promotionnal film when Detroit submitted for the olympics games

If only they had Coleman Young as the moderator!  :-D

it would be cool to have the Olympics im the U.S.of A again

As much as I would like to see the Olympics in my home country (and I am "rooting" for Chicago), I admit it would be interesting for the games to be held on a continent where it has never been held before.

If it is Chicago that is selected - that would be scary indeed - the Olympics 3 hours away from me (assuming I'm still living where I'm at now)


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