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Max Rockatansky:
Opening up the November blogs and other materials. 


Paper Highways: unbuilt California State Route 81

Former US Route 99 in Imperial

Former US Route 101 and California State Route 198 in San Lucas

California State Route 210 (former California State Route 30)

Establishing the numbering conventions of the chargeable Interstates in California

California Route By Route 1.05:  The Great Renumbering and Establishing New Freeways


Hawaii Route 30 and Hawaii Route 3000

Piilani Highway (Hawaii Route 31 and Maui County Route 31)

Maui County Route 33

Haleakala Highway (Hawaii Routes 36A, 37, 377 and 378)

Maui County 305, Maui County 365 and former Hawaii Route 40

Kahekili Highway (Maui County Route 330, Hawaii Route 340 and Maui County Route 340)

Maui County Route 370

Hawaii Route 380

Maui County Route 390

Unsigned Hawaii 3600 the Paia Mini-Bypass


The Leaning Tower of Texas - Britten Water Tower - Groom (US Route 66)


Allegheny County's Yellow Belt

Girard Point Bridge

Interstate 676


Interstate 95 in Baltimore and the Fort McHenry Tunnel


Interstate 495

New Jersey

New Jersey Route 72

Ocean County Route 607 to Barnegat Light

New Mexico

Rio Puerco Bridge (US Route 66)

Whiting Brothers Gas Station (US Route 66)


Montlake Bridge



Max Rockatansky:
December blogs and media.


Former California State Route 49 through Bagby

Former US Route 99 in El Centro

Former US Route 101 and California State Route 156 at San Juan Bautista Y

Former California State Route 152 in the San Luis Reservoir

The indomitable Fernbridge (California State Route 211)

Alfred Harrell Highway

100th Christmas Tree Lane (Van Ness Boulevard, Fresno)

California Route by Route Episode 1:06:  Chronology: CEQA and reality

New York

Whiteface Mountain Veterans Memorial Highway


Whitetop Mountain Road

Natural Bridge State Park

New Brunswick

Urney Covered Bridge

Moores Mills Covered Bridge

Salmon Covered Bridge

The Tranton Covered Bridge


Great Basin National Park and early US Route 6 through Baker


Just Passing Through #025 - Music & Road Tripping

Fresh Drives - Virginia Vacation

Max Rockatansky:
Opening up January and the New Year.


The Pinecate Rocks of US Route 101

Legislative Route Number 141

California State Route 142

California State Route 159

Interstate 605

Golden State Highways Version 3.0

North Carolina

I-73/74 and Future NC Interstates review


Oregon Route 78

Jacob Conser Bridge Old US 99E/OR 164

New Brunswick

MacFarlane Covered Bridge

J.C. Van Horne Bridge

Hasty Coverer Bridge

Sawmill Creek Covered Bridge


Vicksburg Bridges


CARxR 1.07: Highway Numbering: State Highways and Post Miles

Pittsburgh is a city of unique personalities and entertaining stories.  The same can be said about its transportation history.  Pittsburgh is more than the "City of Bridges."  It is said throughout the region that "you can't get there from here." And perhaps it's true.

However, it is all those quirks, those idiosyncracies, the leftovers, the plans that never were, that make Pittsburgh's transportation history so unique.  The SWPA Roads Project tells those stories from the mundane to the colorful, the obscure and the controversial, and all of those in between.

The SWPA Roads Project Index Page is back up and running at Gribblenation.


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