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I bump this thread. As a tropical cyclone tracker, I'm very pleased the NHC has given my first name to the newly formed tropical storm South of Mexico :sombrero:.

Highlights in the last month include typhoon Dolphin intesifying all the way to Category 5 (second in a row, Noul also got there) and then suddenly the Western Pacific went dead. Meanwhile the Eastern Pacific season (which started on May 15) got an explosive start with hurricanes Andres and Blanca both getting to Category 4. I blame this on El Niņo. And right now we are getting a rare tropical cyclone landfall in Oman, by tropical storm* Ashobaa.

*Actually and due to that designation being absent from the North Indian scale, calling this a 'tropical storm' is somewhat incorrect. Same happens in Australia and the South Pacific.

What remained of Hurricane Blanca from the Pacific went across the US and just departed the Midwest along a stationary frontal boundary. Combining Blanca's moisture, a stationary front, and a ton of moisture from the Gulf brought 3-6 inches of rain to much of Central and Northwest Illinois.

Currently I'm on a 6 day precip streak with 2.55 inches of rain so far with the next 6 of 7 days having some sort of a chance of rain.

Is there any track which would have the remnants of Blanca come towards the Northeast?  We could use some more rain in our reservoirs (considering everyone around me is talking about a wicked hot summer with few if any rainfall).

Thing 342:
A disturbance near the Yucatan Peninsula could bring unneeded rain to Texas and the Gulf Coast:

Road Hog:
The farther east that thing tracks, the better. We've been dry for a couple of weeks, but the lakes are just now dropping below the spillways.


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