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--- Quote from: Mergingtraffic on September 03, 2015, 07:03:39 PM ---There's this project coming up on the Harlem River Drive

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From the article:

--- Quote ---The Harlem River Drive Reconstruction Project, which includes rebuilding the 127th Street viaduct and adding a left side exit lane on Third Avenue,
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Oh boy. What's currently a right exit is now going to be a left exit. That'll be fun.

In an odd way it makes sense, though, since doing this will eliminate the weave with the ramp from the 3rd Ave bridge. There isn't another feasible way of achieving that short of eliminating the ramp altogether.

Of course, so long as the lane drop at the Triboro exit and the following S-curve still remain, this won't stop being a perpetual traffic trouble spot.

--- Quote ---I also saw a project that will add a lane on I-95 NB between Wilkinson Ave and the Hutch.
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Okay now this I'm intrigued by!

It appears to be merely "In Development", though. Read: no details are available and odds are it won't actually happen.

Considering this is another major bottleneck, though, it could be damned helpful if done right.

Never believe NYCDOT until the job is actually let.  The article seems it's relying upon draft documents.  Maybe someone is trying to stir up NIMBYs?

Another question, this time about the reconstruction of the Van Wyck Expressway; Does NYSDOT #11 plan to add an overhead sign gantry over Main Street at the southbound exits for Queens Boulevard and the Van Wyck, or are they afraid of the potential uproar by NIMBYists?


--- Quote from: noelbotevera on September 03, 2015, 05:45:01 PM ---Do it like the Cypress Viaduct in Oakland. When it collapses, put it on a new alignment, a new structure, and a new government. Just not give a crap and give any citizens or building a second thought. Just rebuild it all.

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Yeah fuck democracy!

Nassau Expwy Signage along Belt Pkwy all gone.
Replaced with Ok signage that has both the NY-878 and I-679 shields on them.

Also note on the Whitestone Bridge all 3 lanes are now open including the last exit before the tolls NB.  Seems like a luxury. 


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