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Question about the planned Pit River Bridge.

If Caltrans decides to replace it, what will happen to the Union Pacific Rail line beneath it? I noticed it has a very active railroad beneath the freeway including Amtrak service.

Max Rockatansky:
I was under the impression it would be retained for railroad use.

The existing road could be turned into a viewpoint parking lot, and maybe a bungee jumping staging area. They wouldn't allow fishing, though--you might catch a train instead.

I wonder how often trains go through there. Years ago, I hung out at the north end of the big trestle over the river in Redding, hoping for a great train picture, but after an hour or so I got tired of waiting. Same for the Williams loop.


--- Quote from: TheStranger on February 01, 2023, 03:37:15 PM ---Noticed a few days ago that the exit for 3rd Street off US 101 north in San Francisco is now mistakenly labeled on the overhead sign as "Exit 492B" and not 429B (the correct number on the gore point sign).

--- End quote ---

Yeah that's a weird typo, and it's been around for months (since last October at least). I kept forgetting to take a photo of it... until now!

Yesterday I drove back from Oregon via 199 for the first time (beautiful highway) and then down to SF via Crescent City and Eureka for only the 2nd time in my life. During the drive I saw all the twisted to the side Chains Required signs which I actually remembered from ten years ago. Coincidentally, a large winter storm is coming to CA with extremely cold air which will lower the snow level to almost 500 feet in some places especially on that 101 corridor. Last time this happened a couple of years ago the highway was close north of Willits due to spin outs on the summit north of town. I wonder what will happen this time, it would be cool to see chains required on 101 but they will probably just close the highway a la grapevine. Any old timers ever seen a time when chains were actually required on 101?


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