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What road did you leave on and reenter your state when you left it?

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Actually a somewhat interesting answer: crossed into VT via NY 313, then returned to NY via VT 9/NY 7.

Haven't been out of the state but once this year with me driving, when I drove up to see the new Portsmouth, Ohio bypass back in the winter. Left Kentucky on KY 10/OH 253 (Jesse Stuart Bridge at the Greenup Dam) and returned on the new Ironton/Russell Bridge.

Only other time was when I took my Amtrak trip to California. Left Kentucky on I-71/I-75 (Brent Spence Bridge) but flew back in to CVG.

jp the roadgeek:
Went up to the Springfield area a few weeks ago.  Left and re-entered CT on I-91

Semi-related question: How many times per year would you normally leave your state?

I imagine it varies significantly, ranging from daily in places like the Philly and NYC areas, to maybe only a few times per year for people in the middle of a large state.

I am somewhere in between - far enough away from a state line that crossing one is a significant event, but not crazy; Ontario and parts of PA are well within day trip range. I guess maybe 20 times to Canada and 5-10 times to other states, so around 25-30 total occurrences of leaving NY state per year.


--- Quote from: webny99 on October 19, 2019, 01:41:26 PM ---Semi-related question: How many times per year would you normally leave your state?

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Most years 3 to 6 times, VA-MD and VA-WV.

This year another 14 times so far VA-MD.


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