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What road did you leave on and reenter your state when you left it?

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An enjoyable trip, celebrating my daughter's graduation from college and despite hitting rush hour in NYC:

NY/MA: I-90
MA/CT: I-91
CT/NY: I-95
NY/NJ: I-78
NJ/PA: I-80
PA/NY: I-81

I had a work trip at the beginning of the month. I left Colorado via I-25 towards Raton and returned on I-70 from Kansas.

US 89:
Left Florida on US 319, returned on I-95 (thus completing my clinch of all interstate mileage in Georgia).

NY/PA: I-81
PA/MD: I-81
MD/WV: I-81
WV/VA: WV Trunk Secondary Road 26, Runnymeade Road/VA 739
VA/WV: VA 127/WV 127
WV/VA: WV 127/VA 127
VA/WV: US 522
WV/VA: US 522
VA/WV: I-81
WV/MD: I-81
MD/PA: I-81
PA/NY: I-81

I briefly jaunted into Kansas to tag Mount Sunflower (Kansas's high point). I left CO on Cheyenne County Road DD/Tumbleweed Road and returned to CO a few miles south of there on US 40.


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