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--- Quote from: jaehak on October 20, 2022, 02:33:12 PM ---
--- Quote from: KCRoadFan on October 19, 2022, 04:24:31 PM ---I look forward to the next video every Thursday, so I was surprised to see the one for I-83 come out today. Any particular reason why it was posted a day early?

Also: because Thanksgiving is a Thursday, hereís a question I have regarding that week: will you be posting a video that day, doing it the day before or the day after, or just skipping that week entirely?

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Just a brain fart on my part, I scheduled it to release on the wrong day lol. Iíll Most likely post on Thanksgiving.

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Hey, just a question. (btw im subscribed on both my accounts) When you finish the 2dis, are you gonna do the 3dis, or just parkways and other highways? Ive been wondering that for a while now. Thanks.

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Iíll do some 3dis but probably not all of them. Will definitely hit the bigger ones.

Thanks for responding man. Maybe you also could do some turnpikes/toll roads too. That would be cool.

If you just want to skip piddly little 13-mile North Carolina I-87, or just give it a one-minute prologue in the "real" New York I-87 video, I for one wouldn't mind.

alright but imo i think for I-80 in PA the mileage sign should be this
New York City

why bloomsburg because it has pretty much a travel center that is close to I-80 such as the walmart and mcdonalds and stuff

Hey Todd, it looks like someone started another thread about their opinion on what all 2di control cities should be:

Might need to go over there and school them a bit!


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