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Janesville/Beloit road meet: September 3, 2022

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Janesville and Beloit, Wisconsin are central to the recently completed I-39/90 expansion project. We'll take a look at related and unrelated road sights in the area, including:

* The combination stack and diverging diamond interchange where I-43 meets I-39
* The collector-distributor lanes on I-39 in north Janesville
* The Ironworks Riverwalk bridge

Here's the map of the attractions we'll be seeing.

We'll begin with lunch at 11:30 at Doc's in Beloit, and start the meet there around 12:30. At the end, I'll have an optional visit to Uptown Janesville for the retail geeks.

RSVP in the Facebook event or just let me know you're attending here.

A.J. Bertin:
I'm very interested in attending.  I voted for September 10 because it's far enough away, timewise, from the Philadelphia meet that I'm also planning on attending... and I'm not sure how I feel about Labor Day weekend (although I won't rule out attending if that's when it's held).

My commute to the meeting point is maybe 10 minutes. Fairly good chance I'll make it any of the scheduled days.

Iíll second the 10th of September. Wonít be too close to other meets.

Great Lakes Roads:
I also voted for September 10th.


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