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Whew! Yates County, complete! And that's the last county in easy clinchable range for me, so this will probably be it for a long time. I also hit another milestone tonight with the completion of NY 14A: 100 clinched routes in New York state! Also of note: I clinched NY 230, added new mileage on NY 54 and NY 226, and visited Dundee, NY for the first time (it's sort of like Penn Yan-lite!)

So, between completing an 8th county and the 100th route clinch, I guess you could say my two most significant roadgeek accomplishments to date both came tonight. I couldn't be more thankful that I've had the opportunities to do this over the past ~three months, I've thoroughly enjoyed it and it's been greater than I ever could have imagined.

Also, it feels so long ago I had almost forgotten, but NY 104 was a mess heading out of the Rochester area this afternoon. I guess it's to be expected on the Friday before Labor Day, but the section with the stoplights in Ontario was worse than I've ever seen it. I ended up stopping at least 10-12 cars deep for seemingly every light, and in front of me it was two lanes of solid traffic as far as I could see. Even the light at the motorhome park just west of Ontario Center was creating backups, which I've never seen (I can probably count on two hands the number of times I've ever even had to stop for that light!)

Fun fact: if you finish Wyoming County, not only would you finish Region 4, but also the Finger Lakes economic development region and the GTC MPO area.

As for Labor Day, we're forecast to be back to pre-pandemic travel levels, so that makes sense.  There's a reason why I refuse to travel on peak travel days for the summer holidays if I have a choice.


--- Quote from: vdeane on September 02, 2022, 08:58:38 PM ---Fun fact: if you finish Wyoming County, not only would you finish Region 4, but also the Finger Lakes economic development region and the GTC MPO area.

--- End quote ---

Don't give me any ideas. :-P

Sounds like I'll be heading that way this weekend, so there's a chance I'll pick up some mileage then, plus two trips I have in mind to clinch NY 238 and NY 19A/NY 436, and I'll have to assess after that. Obviously I'm in northeastern Monroe County, so southern/western Wyoming County is quite a bit further away than anything I've clinched to date (which has been primarily done in time blocks of ~three hours or less).  I'm looking at close to two hours to get to the Arcade/Yorkshire area, and then add in the "traveling salesman problem", and it's going to require several trips of four+ hours. So, never say never, but it's not a top priority for now.

Sit tight and assess?

Seriously, though, it is true that 2-3 hour or less clinching blocks tend to run out of places relatively quick.  I think I was up to ~4 hour blocks within a few weeks of moving where I am now and had to go up to 8-9 hour blocks after a year.  For trips out of Rochester I was able to stay with 5-6 longer, before ending up with 7 hour blocks to finish up the far western part of the state.


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