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Routes of Ohio: Interactive Photo Map


I just finished my interactive map showing where I encountered each route in the state of Ohio! Click a marker on the map to see a photo of the route! This map can be used as a quick spatial reference of where you can find each route in the state of Ohio.  Click one of the listings in the legend to be shown where I took a photo of a route marker for that route.

Each color corresponds to a different trip. So follow along with a color to see one of my erratic routes across the state! Note that the 20 purple points do not yet have photos, as I haven't completed the purple trip yet.  My goal is to complete a shield gallery chronicling every route in the state of Ohio, at the state level and higher. Once I complete the purple trip to the northwestern portion of the state, all 568 images I need for Ohio will be obtained!

This is cool!

Good work! The color coding is interesting, showing how you've split up a total state clinch into several trips. I wonder which route will be your last one to get?


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