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Youngstown, OH Roads Enthusiast Meet (f/ Sharon, PA)

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I did one back in May 2004 and thought about doing another National in Philadelphia.  One stop I would have would be the Traffic Control Center at the District 6 headquarters, but in 2004, it was still only a Monday through Friday operation.

Now there is more to see such as the US 202 project beginning and the Fort Washington Expressway rehab in its final stages.


I dunno. There is a good chance that in that weekend, I could be visiting my grandpa up in Wellesley, MA (just west of Boston). But if it turns out Im not, that doesnt sound like a very bad idea. Heck, may be Jeff can come east to meet with us  :cool: :poke: :-D

Koo. I will definitely be in Philly that weekend.

As for the Youngstown meet, it appears that I may actually be able to attend!!!!!!! I just gotta keep my grades up (not too difficult for me!).

Call me up (via Wikipedia, here, etc) on one in Seattle...there's bound to be one with the new Tacoma Narrows Bridge, US 99 sign, SR 167 HOT lanes, etc.

Strangely I might be there


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