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There are now concrete barriers from the end of the current construction zone to Hwy 89 on the Eastbound side.  There are barriers from Hwy 89 going towards the existing zone, but the barriers aren't to it yet.  Looks like that will be complete this week.

The construction zone now stretches from Hwy 89 in Mayflower to the Hwy 65 exit in Conway.  There are dirt movers pushing up the grass & dirt in the median.


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--- Quote from: okroads on April 25, 2012, 03:41:26 PM ---I noticed this construction when I was traveling through this part of Arkansas last Thursday. Now if AHTD can only widen I-40 between Little Rock & Memphis...
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As recently discussed in this General Highway Talk thread, Arkansas is going through the process of hiring a consultant to study the feasibility of tolling I-40 between Little Rock and Memphis.  Here is a March 22 TV video report about it.  I wonder if there is any possibility of having the two new "third lanes" be built as HOT lanes?  My understanding is that this is one of the most heavily travelled corridors in the country. My instincts say that notion would not fly, but I suppose the consultant will examine that possibility, too.
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AHTD has posted an Arkansas I-40 Travel Survey on its website.  The questions on the survey strongly suggest that AHTD is considering HOT lanes between North Little Rock and West Memphis.
BTW if you complete the survey you have a chance to win a $100 AmEx gift card.


This article confirms that AHTD's consultant is studying the feasibility of tolling a new, third lane:

--- Quote ---I heard that if you widen the Interstate, you can toll the new lane.  How will that work?  This study will determine if tolling a new, third lane will be feasible.  Many factors go into that decision including the safety of the driving public, the amount of traffic in the new lane, traffic speed,  how tolls are collected, the toll price, the expected time savings
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This TV video report discusses the possibility of adding HOT lanes to I-40.

Quick update on the expansion South of Conway...the 2 bridge decks over Lake Conway are complete.  They are laying the asphalt approach to the Southern most bridge around mile marker 132.  There is about a mile of concrete divider from marker 131 to 130.  The Nothern bridge has concrete barriers completed on the inner sides of each side.  There is a concrete barrier from that bridge to about exit 129.

They were building the concrete barrier on the new side of the Hwy 64 overpass last week.  Hopefully, they will get that side open soon to traffic & rebuild the Western side of that overpass.  They were also forming the tall median divider between the Hwy 64 overpass & the Hwy 65 exit.  I saw some of that last Sunday. 

Traffic is being diverted on to the new Lake Conway bridge South of Conway (mile marker 131-132).  It looks like that will be done today for both northbound & southbound traffic.


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