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New York State Roads

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This month I updated the I-86 and I-587 exit lists and split off PA 405 from the PA 147 photo page.  I also added photos as follows:
-New York: I-88 and I-86/NY 17/Southern Tier Expressway
-Pennsylvania: US 15, US 220, PA 147, I-81, I-83, PA 851, PA 74, and US 30
-New Jersey: I-95/New Jersey Turnpike

This month, I updated the MPO page links and the NY 400 exit list, and added photos as follows:
-Vermont: VT 9, I-91, US 5, VT 11, and US 7
-New York: US 20 and I-88

This month, I updated the I-278 and NY 895 exit lists with the Hunts Point Access changes, the I-678, Grand Central Parkway, and Jackie Robinson Parkway exit lists with the Key Gardens Interchange changes, and made corrections to the I-87, Thruway, I-287, and Belt Parkway exit lists.  I also added photos for I-90 (Albany), I-87/Thruway, Cross County Parkway, Hutchinson River Parkway, I-678, Cross Island Parkway, I-495, Sagtikos State Parkway, Southern State Parkway/Heckscher State Parkway, NY 27, and the Robert Moses Causeway.

You should expand out of NY and do they neighboring states of NY such as CT,NJ,PA,MA, and VT, or make them separate websites.

There's actually a bit more VT on my site than you'd think; I got inspired to do the exit lists after the Burlington meet, and the Burlington meet page has some stuff there too.  I also have the breakdown of VT's reference markers on that page along with NY's and Monroe County's mainly because I knew I'd forget how they work if I didn't put that information somewhere.

Pennsylvania is actually covered on another site called Pennsylvania Highways.  There's a fair amount of info on NJ, CT, and MA on Steve Anderson's sites:


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