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Hampton Roads Article Corrections

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I was reading through the Hampton Roads article (linkie), and noticed a few things that were outdated and/or incorrect. I am currently a resident of Hampton, and soon to be Virginia Beach, and so I drive on these highways almost every day.


--- Quote ---Widening expands the Hampton segment west of Interstate 664 to eight lanes by 2001.
--- End quote ---
I think it's high time to change this, as that project was completed a while back now, albeit over schedule. It's been widened to eight lanes from Mercury Blvd. (US-258) to Jefferson Ave. (VA-143) with the inner lane in each direction being HOV during rush hour.

--- Quote ---South of Interstate 264, the highway carries six plus two HOV-2 lanes through to the Battlefield Boulevard (Virginia 168) interchange.
--- End quote ---
This is not necessarily true anymore, as I drove down I-64 to VS-168 (which is the Chesapeake Expressway--Battlefied Blvd. is VA-168 Bus.) about two weeks ago or so, and the stretch of freeway from south of I-264 to the VA-168 & I-464 interchange was a huge construction site, with a local/express setup partially open and a massive new interchange for Battlefield Blvd. Even with some lane closures it was considerably wider than that, though I cannot remember the exact number it was.

I think it might be a good idea to modify the Midtown Tunnel's section too... I don't know the specifics of when it was built or anything, but it carries VA-337 and US-58 under the Elizabeth River from Norfolk to Portsmouth north of the Downtown Tunnel, and then turns into the Martin Luther King Freeway, which ends at London Blvd. right after a T-Interchange with the Western Freeway (VA-164)'s recently built Sewells Point Connector. Most of this information appears to be lacking in the article...

The last thing I noted is, I assume, a typo:

--- Quote ---Studies are currently underway involving a fourth bridge-tunnel crossing in the Hampton Roads area that would extend Interstate 564 westward to Hampton and Newport News.
--- End quote ---
It's actually the "Third Crossing Project" according to VDOT, though you might have been including the CBBT as one... and the proposal does not actually call for extending it to Hampton and Newport News, but rather having it meet 664 off the coast of Newport News and then widen it up into the actual city of Newport News.

Other than the above things, the article is very informative and seems to get everything right.

PS: Interchange/voyager told me to post this here, hope it works.  ;)

That page is way out of date. Last time I drove through there was 2001! I'll add the changes to my queue, thanks!  :)

Sure thing, glad to help keep it updated. Though I just re-read the bottom of the page, and apparently the info about the Midtown Tunnel is there, though there is one thing about it that I've never heard living here:

--- Quote ---An expressway portion stems from each portal of the tunnel (Martin Luther King Freeway in Portsmouth and Midtown Tunnel Expressway in Norfolk).
--- End quote ---
The east (Norfolk) side does not have an expressway on it, but rather immediately goes through a partial cloverleaf as it merges with Hampton Blvd.

So disregard what I said about the midtown tunnel in the OP. You're good on that.  :P

Ok, I corrected and updated the portions of the article as you suggested, thanks! You may also be interested in checking out this recent article on Toll Road News too  :)

Ahh thanks for the link about that. Glad to finally see that they're doing something with the Jordan Bridge. I was getting sick of looking at VMS signs displaying the Bridge Closed message!  :D

And the corrections are great! Thanks.


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