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I have my own Flickr account totalling about 12,000 pictures at the moment from mainly western Europe (excluding the Netherlands).

Each set includes one route. I skipped the Netherlands since many Dutch roadgeeks already photographed every freeway sign, so I decided to make youtube movies.

So far I have;

Sweden 1 set
Denmark 10 sets
Andorra 1 set
Spain 5 sets
France 23 sets
Luxembourg 4 sets
Belgium 12 sets
Germany 27 sets

enjoy!  :cool:

Denmark uses a lot of white/red guide signs - is that just because of the national colors, or are those in some way special and needing of red?

Freeways: green signage
other roads: mostly red/white, but sometimes on blue on more important roads.

The red letters on white signs is quite uncommon in Europe, I can't remember any other country that signs that way.

I had been working on
I would love it if you would ever consider contributing

I cant really add anything more as I do not have the airfare money to go back anytime soon :)

dank u wel

I would be honored if I could contribute :)


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