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Artists that depress you

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I canít help but not feel depressed whenever I hear Barbara Streisand sing.  Even though she is popular among the community of music and film, for some reason to me personally, I find her voice to sound depressing . Even when she sings happy songs, her voice to me donít sound happy.

Anyone have an artist that they get depressed by even though the artist isnít really that depressed? 

David Gilmour's "About Face" is one of the most depressing albums I've ever heard.

Chvrches and Imagine Dragons, both regular presences of modern radio. An ex was a big fan of both groups so Iíll forever associate them with her. (Thankfully my current girlfriend isnít a fan of either.)

Max Rockatansky:
Whoever the woman is who sings the song about hoping her ex gets cheated on.  It gets played at my gym a ton and I hate it.

Lana Del Rey.

But sometimes you need to wallow, so it has its place.


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