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Wisconsin County Roads/streets that are busier than nearby State Highways

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There are a few instances where a county highway is busier than a state highway where there should probably be a swap, but most likely politics and cities are preventing a change. Here are a few places where the County Road or street is better and busier than the state highway:

County PB between US 151 and Wis 69/92 junction is preferred over Wis 69. Not only is County PB busier, itís also on the National Highway System. Belleville is most likely preventing a swap that WISDOT proposed according to info in

County S between Algoma and Sturgeon Bay is busier and shorter than Wis 42 that also runs between the 2 cities.

County AA/Wis 67 are busier than Wis 32/Wis 57 and is the preferred route for Wis 32/Wis 57 thru traffic in Kiel and avoids the twists and turns through downtown.

County B is busier than Wis 54 in between US 10 and I-39. County B utilizes the 4 lane US 10, has a lot busier interchange with I-39 than Wis 54 does. County B/US 10 provides a better route between Waupaca and Plover than Wis 54 does and the Wis 54 expressway to Wis Rapids starts at the west end of County B.

Highland Ave is shorter and the best thru route through Oconto Falls than Wis 22 is which is longer but passes through the downtown.

There are probably others but these 4 examples are the most significant that Iíve seen. The WISDOT traffic counts confirm that County roads/city streets are busier and for good reason. Should WISDOT try to more aggressively pursue route swaps/reroutes?

Big John:
County A instead of WI 26 to connect to US 151 in Dodge County?

Concur with CTH A being busier than WI 26; that may be a similar situation to CTH PB with Juneau being the culprit.

Juneau is also the county seat.

Almost all of these are historical relics that haven't changed. And I doubt many will ever change given the hassles.

County N between Newville and Whitewater v.s. Hwy 59 between the same points:

Just east of Newville:
County N - 7400 vpd
Hwy 59 - 3500 vpd

Just east of Hwy 26:
County N - 5200 vpd
Hwy 59 (just east of County M) - 3800 vpd

Just west of Whitewater:
County N - 5000 vpd
Hwy 59 - 3500 vpd


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