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Trip to Fredericksburg/Stafford, VA

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I went to Fredericksburg and Stafford, VA yesterday and took tons of photos. I made a new set here:

I managed to screw up and end up in Aquia Harbour, which is a secure and restrictive community in eastern Stafford County. You can't turn around before ending up inside, so I asked to turn around inside. However, first I went to the end of Washington Street (the main road inside the community); this is the route of a VA 213 that existed from 1933 to 1944 (per VA Hwys Project). I also managed to get photos of the actual eastern terminus of this route as it appears on maps from the era:

Looking at the actual terminus of old VA 213 at Aquia Harbour. The road loops around the inn and heads back to US 1:

Beginning up the road.

I didn't do too much roadgeeking otherwise, though I did spot an error VA 3 shield without a BUSINESS banner on it in downtown Fredericksburg.


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