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Bridges along the Ohio River


Along the Ohio River
Authored by Sherman Cahal on March 28, 2009 at Bridges & Tunnels

With spring approaching, I thought it'd be best to upload some recent captures of various bridges along the Ohio River and Big Sandy River, from the Brent Spence Bridge in Cincinnati, to two aging but massive railroad spans. Enjoy these updates to Bridges & Tunnels for late March!

1 Midland Atlantic Bridge: The old bridge abutment is in the foreground, with the newer Midland Atlantic Bridge in the background.

2 Norfolk & Western Ohio River Bridge: This dual tracked span crosses the Ohio River at Kenova, West Virginia and South Point, Ohio. It sees a considerable amount of traffic on today's Norfolk Southern lines.

3 A CSX #515 waits on a CSX mainline through Kenova, West Virginia underneath the Norfolk & Western Ohio River Bridge approach.

4 Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad Catlettsburg Bridge: This dual-track Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad Bridge over the Big Sandy River connects Catlettsburg, Kentucky to Kenova, West Virginia. A CSX #515 waits.


6 Brent Spence Bridge: A view of the Brent Spence Bridge Kentucky approach.






Enjoy this small update to Bridges & Tunnels!

Thanks for posting this!


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