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There's a bunch on the Nebraska panhandle too

Horizontal traffic lights are not that uncommon anymore. They are rapidly overtaking most signal assemblies in Florida due to their better wind resistance. They also are in Atlantic City, NJ (at least they were in the 1990s).

WA wouldn't switch to are we supposed to install them on the tempoary/string traffic lights all over Seattle?

Cool pix  :cool:

Horizontal signals are used very rapidly now. They are mostly used next to bridges where traffic coming from under the bridge can see the whole signal.

Horizontal signals can be used on span wires with the right type of pipes/brackets BTW.


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--- Quote ---There's a bunch on the Nebraska panhandle too
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Actually they are used all over Nebraska with the exception of the city of Omaha, span wire assemblies, sign-bridge type assemblies for SPUI's (,-96.744533&spn=0,359.978027&z=16&layer=c&cbll=40.802794,-96.744411&panoid=JfeOWggf_G6M7b4UWJ-nEg&cbp=12,226.90507257190674,,0,0.5175781249999977), and at the I-80/US 81 interchange.


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