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In looking at the new breakdown for the regional road topics, I noticed Nevada is listed both under "Southwest" and "Pacific Southwest".  However, all the Nevada-related topics are located under "Pacific Southwest"...

Since the forum revamp, it appears there are a lot more regional subdivisions.  Before, it seemed topics were divided based on which AAroads server (RockyMountainRoads, NorthEastRoads, etc.) covered that there's a bunch more sub-divisions.  Why the change?

A lot more input went into this restructuring. The structuring of the regional AARoads web sites is somewhat arbitrary. For instance Arizona and Nevada got lopped into, because they didn't really go anywhere else. This will be changing in the coming months, as all material will migrate back to AARoads with the regional domains deemphasized.

Plus we decided having "Midwest" with 22 states was a bit unwieldy. :P We like hearing from our users on what they like and don't like, though, so feel free to let us know if you think we were drinking too much when we came up with the divisions!

It seems now that the western US states are a bit more divided than before.  "Pacific Southwest" is a good example, with only California, Hawaii and Nevada covered in that section (granted, California probably generates enough topics to make that viable, but you get the point).

I guess, regionally speaking, western states are bigger and fewer would go in a region than in the eastern U.S.  I'm not complaining, just commenting on the differences, I guess.  I don't really have any suggestions for improvement, since I'm sure everyone here could define the regions in a different way.

Having splits in states (Minnesota, Texas, Idaho, Pennsylvania, amongst others) could be confusing.  Have all of a state within a given category.

Fewer categories may be warranted too.  The 5 categories of the previous forum weren't too bad...didn't require as much scrolling on the main page.  The 11 you have now are, IMO, too many.

Here's the changes I'd suggest, based on what you currently have listed:

- Combine Pacific Southwest and Northwest into a single "West Coast" category, taking Idaho and Nevada out of course.

- Combine Rocky Mountains and Southwest into a single "Rocky Mountains" category, including Idaho and Nevada but not including Texas.

- Move Texas and Arkansas to Central States.

- Eliminate the Mid-South category.

- Move all of Louisiana and Tennessee into the Southeast category.

- Move all of West Virginia into the Mid-Atlantic category.

- Move all of Pennsylvania and New York into the Northeast category.

- Combine the Midwest/Great Lakes and Ohio Valley categories into a single "Midwest" category, and move Iowa into the new Midwest category.

- Kentucky could go either Midwest or Southeast.  I've seen it defined both ways.

- It could be argued that North Carolina is part of the Mid-Atlantic...but leaving it in Southeast is also acceptable.

- It could also be argued that Pennsylvania and New Jersey belong in Mid-Atlantic instead of the Northeast...but those two could go either way.

If you do nothing else, at least combine up those states you have split amongst separate categories.


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