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Road Trips / Re: 2024 Road Trip Plans
Last post by D-Dey65 - Today at 10:48:28 AM
I've got another Florida day trip plan, and it will involve Florida's Turnpike. One reason is that I want to increase the number of Wikimedia Commons images for the Canoe Creek Service Plaza:
Not to mention start new Wikimedia Commons galleries for the remaining service plazas along the turnpike.

And if I get the chance, I'll do the remaining I-95 rest area images on the way back up. The only problem is, I don't know if I'm going to do it this year, or I'll have to save it for 2025.

General Highway Talk / Re: Ideas Exclusive To One Sta...
Last post by Big John - Today at 10:41:00 AM
^^ I feel those signs are indications of the following 3 exits and the top line was just additional info that those exits also serve that city.  My view is that they should have the full info of each exit, even if part of it doesn't directly serve the city mentioned on the tab.
General Highway Talk / Re: Ideas Exclusive To One Sta...
Last post by mgk920 - Today at 10:31:55 AM
Quote from: Big John on July 22, 2024, 04:40:07 PM
Quote from: hobsini2 on July 22, 2024, 03:11:27 PMI also like what WisDOT does for smaller cities that have multiple exits. I know a lot of state do this but that should be in every state doing it.

And yes the sign is in Illinois but it is a WisDOT sign.
and no mention that the Wis 81 exit is also for I-43?????? :no:

I-43 does not go into Beloit from NB I-39-90.

Off-Topic / Re: I started a blog about LOS...
Last post by bandit957 - Today at 10:29:58 AM
Don't worry, Chicago may have an entry for a different song. I might not get to it for a couple months though.
Off-Topic / Re: I started a blog about LOS...
Last post by SEWIGuy - Today at 10:28:40 AM
Quote from: SectorZ on Today at 08:47:56 AM
Quote from: Henry on July 23, 2024, 09:27:03 PMOne song I'd love to have showcased is the Chicago song 25 or 6 to 4 (and not just because the band was named after my hometown!). I used to love singing along to the refrain, which is probably the catchiest one of all time. While a lot of their old hits have seen regular radio airplay over the years, this is sadly not one of them, though it's clear to see the reason why.

You need to get XM then. I swear the Classic Vinyl plays it any time I switch it on.

And it's not hyperbole, it's the most played song on the station the last month,

Yeah I was gonna say...I hear it all of the time.

But I don't hear the 1986 remake at all - and for good reason.
General Highway Talk / Re: Ideas Exclusive To One Sta...
Last post by Scott5114 - Today at 10:18:38 AM
Quote from: thenetwork on Today at 07:52:42 AMIn my neck of the woods, my town recently scrapped all of their back-lit overhead street blades with oversized reflective street blades.  One, because they now sport the city's new logo, and two, because most of the back-lit signs were well over 20 years old.  They even scrapped the newer LED lit signs.

Your town sounds kinda lame.

Some of Las Vegas's units date back to at least the late 1980s, based on historical photographs. They remain in good working order; the biggest problem they face is the panels starting to crack and fade, so they just replace those periodically and keep the housing. (Clark County seems to have replaced just about all of the panels under county jurisdiction to follow the 2009 MUTCD.)
There can be both. But I'm a little disappointed that right-in and right-out intersections are being considered in the ultimate build-out scenario.
Northeast / Re: Connecticut News
Last post by abqtraveler - Today at 09:45:42 AM
Quote from: kurumi on July 23, 2024, 06:44:27 PMThe only resolution, I think, is to sign SR 598 :-)

CT has plenty of SR references for overcrossings and undercrossings (example in Danbury, SR 911, look up).

The only times I know of where an SR was signed (route marker or BGS; all as mistakes) are:
* SR 540 in E. Granby at CT 187
* SR 533 BGS on I-86 in Vernon, 1980s
I recall seeing signs for SR-771 along Post Road and Fairfield Avenue between the US-1 traffic circle in Fairfield and Bridgeport in the late '80s before that stretch was re-designated as Route 130 in the '90s.
Southeast / Re: Georgia
Last post by Jaxrunner - Today at 09:27:28 AM
I-75 around Lake Altoona and Acworth is a huge bottleneck. There are always slowdowns and wrecks on that stretch of highway. In addition, NW Georgia is growing. A lot of industry is being built on the I-75 corridor between Chattanooga and Atlanta. Next year, the Hyundai Battery Plant is opening in Cartersville, bringing 5,000 jobs to the area.
Northeast / Re: Massachusetts
Last post by SectorZ - Today at 08:51:31 AM
Quote from: Great Lakes Roads on Today at 01:58:23 AM

Massachusetts's first DDI in Natick went 40% overbudget...

"Frank Welch, MassDOT's Deputy Director of Major Projects, told MassDOT board members during its monthly meeting last week that although the agency's engineers had estimated the Natick contract would cost about $71 million this spring, the lowest-price bid that the agency received, from McCourt Construction, ended up being $99 million.

After adding additional costs that are outside the scope of the contract, including additional project engineering work, contingency funds, and traffic police, MassDOT could end up spending $118 million on the new highway interchange (pictured above in a rendering).

Last year's MassDOT capital budget budgeted just $85.4 million for the project.

Welch said that MassDOT engineers and consultants had reviewed McCourt's proposal and found the higher cost "reasonable.""

The bike lane bridge in the middle is one of the most wasteful things I've seen. I ain't using that when it's built. That could save $25M probably in getting rid of it.

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