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Traffic Control / Re: Erroneous road signs
Last post by roadman65 - Today at 11:56:23 AM
The ramp on the right for I-75 NB is not the next following right turn. It's beyond the second signal way off in a distance.  I actually turned right into the second stoplight roadway that IS DEFINITELY NOT A RAMP but a driveway into a tourist trap.  Actually a sprawl road that serves more than Bass Pro now.

I'm guessing the I-75 & US 41 interchange was reconfigured and the ramp got relocated, but the project manager didn't think of checking the area out thoroughly for other signs referencing the old configuration.

Edit: GSV shows the original configuration was a cloverleaf with I-75 and Bass Pro got accessed via a previous frontage road.  Plus a motel stood where the new access road is now aligned.
Weather / Re: What's your weather curren...
Last post by Hunty2022 - Today at 11:52:29 AM
Myrtle Beach, SC: 87 and partly cloudy.

Charlottesville, VA: 84 and cloudy.
Traffic Control / Re: Unique, Odd, or Interestin...
Last post by roadfro - Today at 11:46:01 AM
Quote from: Amaury on July 22, 2024, 05:40:37 PMThis is a series of signs before heading down Deadman Pass on Interstate 84 westbound in Umatilla County, Oregon, west of the Blue Mountains Summit:

Mileposts 228–224.
And no warning whatsoever for the tanker truck that got on at the ramp in the background of the last link...?
Off-Topic / Re: Minor things that bother y...
Last post by 7/8 - Today at 11:39:45 AM
Video unavailable :pan:

Quote from: CtrlAltDel on July 22, 2024, 09:08:02 PMThe rules, for this and everything else regarding clinching, are whatever you want them to be. Some people, including myself, would say you need to cross the border, others don't.

This is the correct answer.

Quote from: Bruce on July 22, 2024, 09:02:15 PMSince I did a fair amount of my clinching during the great Canadian border lockdown of 2020/2021, I count it as long as I get to the last legal u-turn before the border. Way too many time-limited border crossings out west where requiring a full crossing would make it difficult to count.
Quote from: mgk920 on Today at 10:31:29 AMI consider a route to be 'clinched' when I use the last U-turn before the 'point of no return', such as the last local access exits on I-81 and I-87.

I am not actively tracking clinched highways, but if I did, this is probably the guideline I'd follow.

(However, I do track which US-Canada border crossings I've transited, so....)

Northeast / Re: New Cape Cod Canal bridges
Last post by The Ghostbuster - Today at 11:31:07 AM
They probably wanted Interstate 495 to end at another Interstate, which is does at Interstate 195. The remaining portion that is MA 25 probably did not warrant an Interstate designation.
Off-Topic / Re: I started a blog about LOS...
Last post by SEWIGuy - Today at 11:29:25 AM
How about Chariots of Fire?  I heard that song constantly back in 1982, but never hear it any longer.

Which is a good thing.
Off-Topic / Re: Changing one letter of a t...
Last post by hotdogPi - Today at 11:24:19 AM
I started a blog about LOST HATS!!!
I started a blog about LOST SHITS!!!
Navel lane markings?
Southeast / Re: Complete NC 540 Project
Last post by PColumbus73 - Today at 11:21:26 AM
Quote from: NE2 on July 22, 2024, 02:45:58 PM
Quote from: The Ghostbuster on July 22, 2024, 11:55:52 AMWhere would be a good place for an Interstate 640 to go, assuming one is ever proposed, which seems unlikely to me?
Your driveway.

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