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Pacific Southwest / Re: Nevada
Last post by pderocco - Today at 12:29:10 AM
Quote from: DenverBrian on June 18, 2024, 10:56:29 PM
Quote from: kernals12 on June 18, 2024, 09:24:16 PM

RIP Interstate 515, we hardly knew ye.
It's officially on digital maps this way, but zombie 515 shields live on, and I expect they'll live on for years.
Maybe they should just let them get stolen.
Pacific Southwest / Re: Interstate 11 alignment, t...
Last post by US 395 - Today at 12:23:06 AM
Quote from: cl94 on June 18, 2024, 01:09:18 AMSigh... again, NDOT is doing just enough to placate the politicians and no further. Congress and Nevada's congresscritters degreed that it's going border to border, so NDOT needs to give it lip service.

NDOT's real intentions and expectations are in their long-range planning documents. None of which include I-11 north of Vegas, nor does their model. Heck, NDOT doesn't even identify US 95 as a priority corridor (a designation given to 93 and 395).

(personal opinion emphasized)

I think there's a better chance of 395 being four-laned by NDOT and Caltrans from Gardnerville to Bridgeport than I-11 making it to 80.
Quote from: ilpt4u on June 18, 2024, 10:46:53 PMIs this funded as part of the previous gas tax increase and capital spending plan? Or is this a separate initiative?

Nothing except the FY 2025 annual program can be considered to be "funded" because those projects are aligned with the budget just passed by the General Assembly. The others, identified in FY 2026-30, can be considered "programmed" but not yet funded, and some of them will make it into next year's budget. These are the entirety of the state road program; they are not all Rebuild Illinois capital program projects; a good portion are funded by Federal formula funds, special Federal funds and grants with matching state funding, some are state MFT funded, and some are funded by the Rebuild Illinois program.
Westbound CA 152 is substantially less annoying over Pacheco Pass than eastbound.  This largely is due to the fact that the westbound climb has a dedicated climbing lane.  I usually try to dip back east on CA 198.
Off-Topic / Re: National Parks
Last post by Rothman - Today at 12:06:52 AM
Quote from: JayhawkCO on June 18, 2024, 10:14:22 AM
Quote from: Rothman on June 17, 2024, 09:15:03 PMOof.  Some bad designations in here. Jamestown NHS?  Pfft.  Colonial NHP!

Maybe I'm just missing it, but...

Quote from: WikipediaIn 1932, George C. Gregory discovered the foundation of the first capitol building, circa 1646, at Jamestown.[7] In 1934, Colonial National Historical Park obtained the remaining 1,500-acre (610 ha) of the island and partnered with Preservation Virginia to preserve the area and present it to visitors in an educational manner. The site was designated Jamestown National Historic Site on December 18, 1940, and listed on the National Register of Historic Places on October 15, 1966. The National Park Service maintains the remaining portions of the island with recreations of building foundations of the post-1610 Jamestown port town. In 1957, with the site's 350th anniversary in mind, New Discoveries at Jamestown was published.

Wikipedia needs editing.

Here's the list of properties the NPS manages:

Let me know if you can find the Jamestowne NHS on the list.
Mountain West / Re: Interstate 11
Last post by kernals12 - Today at 12:00:06 AM

Interstate 11 now runs along what was once Interstate 515 and up US 95 to Kyle Canyon Road.
Great Lakes and Ohio Valley / Re: Michigan Notes
Last post by Rothman - June 18, 2024, 11:49:56 PM
MDOT could pay to raise the bridge.  Not the wisest thing to do if the railroad built the bridge over the road...rather than MDOT building a road under a bridge, though.

In any matter, the bridge is safe.  The truck drivers are not.
General Highway Talk / Re: I-5 vs CA-99
Last post by pderocco - June 18, 2024, 11:37:25 PM
I-5 is in one respect the freeway designer's dream: cleanse the road of all character, all interest, so that drivers aren't likely to be distracted by something, and crash the car. But I think there's a point of diminishing returns that I-5 may pass, which is to cleanse it of all character, all interest, so that drivers fall asleep and crash the car.
General Highway Talk / Re: Roads You've Used More In ...
Last post by pderocco - June 18, 2024, 11:34:25 PM
Since I'm more in a hurry going to work than coming home, I favor the freeways in the morning and back roads on the way back.

More interesting perhaps: I'm not sure why, but I've driven US-191, US-163, and US-160 from Moab to Flagstaff a whole bunch of times, but rarely northbound. Somehow, it's often after dark when I'm going south, so I just want a fast road. In the other direction, it's usually daytime, and I go further afield to explore, so I've probably only driven it in that direction a couple of times.

One really nice mountain ride in California's coast range is Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd. I've driven it seven times, always westbound, because that's the direction you get better views from. Also, there are better restaurants coming home to Los Angeles along the coast than there are inland. I haven't driven it since I moved to San Diego, but then neither has anyone else since 2021.

Another such ride is the Figueroa Mountain Rd and Happy Canyon Rd loop in Los Olivos. I've driven it 13 times, but only once going up Happy Canyon and down Figueroa.

I've also driven Ortega Highway from San Juan Capistrano to Lake Elsinore a dozens of times, but only a few times in the other direction.

I guess it really boils down to a correlation between time of day and which routes I'm likely to take.
Great Lakes and Ohio Valley / Re: Michigan Notes
Last post by KelleyCook - June 18, 2024, 11:16:38 PM
Quote from: JREwing78 on June 18, 2024, 08:58:54 PMCN would need to raise the railroad tracks a minimum 3-4 feet at S. Pennsylvania Ave to provide 15' clearance. They would have about 1 1/2 miles of track to reconstruct on the CN track, and roughly about 1/2-3/4 mile on the Adrian & Blissfield line that intersects it.

Complicating matters is the need to maintain clearance for the Aurelius Rd / Clemens St overpass and the Cedar St overpass, and needing to rebuild the CN bridge over the Red Cedar River. It's also the line that Amtrak's Blue Water line uses to connect Port Huron to Chicago. Suffice it to say that raising the track in this area would be a massive undertaking.

Well yes...

The real complication of course is the railroads own the railroad bridges and MDOT can't do a thing about it, which is why on MDOT every freeway reconstructions everything will look brand new ( even the old stuff which will be repainted with that "fresh concrete" shade of paint ) except of course for the 1960s era railroad bridges which compared to everything else end up looking even more like 1960s era rusty railroad bridges.

So the obvious solution for the Lansing bridge is to construct a new parallel 15" bridge with parallel tracks, but CN won't because unless the current bridge is structurally damaged by the strikes there is no incentive for them to do so.

However all that being said, I think I'll have my kids take up your suggestion and become youtube stars.

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