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--- Quote from: hobsini2 on January 14, 2023, 10:10:44 AM ---Crash, I was watching your video you did "The Hidden One" on Michigan Ave being former Route 1 and former US 14/41. One questions. Where did you find the information that Pershing Rd is "Unsigned Route 508"? I don't see anything on that in a Google search.
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I got it from a map that was shared on a thread elsewhere in this forum. Of course I also verify it using IDOT's own GIS map, I also forgot to reference Washington Blvd as unsigned 520 since at one point it was the old alignment of US-20 but is still maintained by IDOT. It's worth a future video.

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Also, I see you did not mention when you were crossing Garfield Blvd which is certainly an important crossroad in the city even though you mention 51st St which is lesser known.

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There are quite a few editing mistakes in this video. However, my understanding is that Garfield is less significant East of the Red line tracks as at that point west it becomes the demarcating line of Fuller Park, New City (Back of the Yards) and Englewood. Maggio TV (Bloody Chicago) mentions this point and a gas station in the area as a major conflict point for all the gangs of each of those respective neighborhoods. East of the tracks, it's still in Washington Park which is a troubled area that's gotten quite a bit better in the last decade and a half, at that point it's 51st St that serves as the border between Grand Boulevard (Bronzeville) and Washington Park.

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I was unaware of Route 520 as well. Bus US 20 was on that corridor.
So you were using 51st as a neighborhood border? Ok. That makes sense. It just seemed odd though that a 4 lane boulevard that is a vital connection to the University of Chicago campus and heavy with traffic on a good day was skipped over.

By the way, I did not know this until now (moved here in 1980), but what you have as the historic route of IL 1, according to the State issued 1963 map, was actually US 54. Route 1, according to the map, went down Michigan only to Cermak Rd. From Cermak & Michigan, East on Cermak, South on South Park Way (now MLK Dr), East on Oakwood Blvd, South on Drexel Blvd, East on E Hyde Park Blvd (5100 S), South on S Hyde Park Blvd (1700 E), West/South on 57th Dr/Cornell Dr, South on Stony Island Ave, South on I-94 former Calumet Expy and South on Route 394 to where it meets the current Route 1. Alt Route 1 was along Dixie Hwy, Halsted St and 95th St. to where it met Route 1 again at Stony Island Ave.
Stony Island Ave at once was Route 1, Bus US 12, Bus US 20 & Alt US 30. Now it is just an unsigned boulevard. I love historical routings on maps.


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