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Ashland Avenue Viaduct in Green Bay

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Green Bay is looking into removing the Ashland Avenue viaduct south of Mason St. The viaduct has been around for 67 years (one more than me). The viaduct crosses a defunct railyard and the tracks have all been removed. The neighborhoods around the old railyard have been among the city's poorest since I was a kid. I'm really interested to see how this proceeds because the redevelopment here will be extremely challenging.

If they could tie this into the development of the coal piles site on the Fox River, it would make it more valuable.

Can the viaduct be removed and replaced with an at-grade roadway while CN still owns the railyard property?

They don't own the street and probably gave up the ROW when the tracks were removed.  But if not, this is pretty far into the future regardless.

That railroad yard's (ex Milwaukee Road) last use was by Wisconsin Central when it was their Green Bay intermodal terminal (very busy!) in the 1990s.  CN dropped that service a couple of weeks after they took over WC in late 2001 (although that service operated at a profit for WC, t wasn't profitable /enough/ for CN's beancounters).  The land has sat unused ever since.  I'd like to see that service come back, perhaps even with a WisDOT subsidy, as it took 400-500 big rig trucks off of US/I-41, I-43 and I-94 every day (that much less wear and tear on those roads).



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