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Please help in ID'ing this sign

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can anyone identify which state used this shield?  The design is distinctive, and familiar, but i cannot place it...

Maybe one of you guys can...

I think that might be out of Idaho or Oregon.

It's not Idaho- but I think you're right on Oregon

turns out it's not an Ohio! 

At the angle it was shown on eBay, it looked just like your Ohio 33 cutout from the bridge coming out of West Virginia.  But you are right, the angles of the top diagonal edges are different, as is the mounting hole placement.

email Mike Summa; he would be the one most likely to know.  I honestly have no idea.  Have not seen that style of cutout from anywhere but Ohio (at least, among US-30 states) ...

corco, you've seen that style in Oregon?  I've only seen one example of a cutout from Oregon that wasn't the OREGON/US style; was a California style (US and number) for US-30 posted below an I-80N shield on the freeway.

this is why we need the entire shield gallery up :P


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