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My run-in with the Turnpike Authority

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Have you ever had a negative experience with the turnpike authority? Toll collectors to be specific?

At the Chicago roadgeek meet last summer, we toured I-355. I noticed the ISTHA booths had a cute, tiny little stop sign on them, just beneath the upstream-facing window. Naturally I did the roadgeek thing and took a picture of it. Next thing I know the toll collector's screaming "NO PICTURES ON THE TOLLWAY!!!" at me and threatening to confiscate my camera. God forbid I sell ISTHA's tiny stop sign technology to the Iranians.

I still have the photo, too!

Since I really don't give a rat's ass about Illinois tollway politics, I decided to spite them by releasing it into the public domain. Please plaster that tiny stop sign on all your websites!  :sombrero:

This kind of thing has been rampant in the railfan community every since 9/11.

Various police agencies, railroad police, etc. have tried to tell railfans that all photography of the trains or railroad facilities is illegal.

The latest thing going on is Amtrak has harassed photographers on station platforms even through they are considered public areas just like the tollway.

Doesn't anyone read the constitution anymore? :pan:

Short answer: No.  :-D

J N Winkler:
Winkler vs. Turnpike Commission

Fortunately the substantive issues were later resolved, though I am still waiting for the Mon-Fayette plans.

photography on transportation networks is not illegal.  People are just paranoid as hell because of the possibility that those who photograph are possibly plotting terror threats, stealing intellectual property, or taking pictures of them without permission. :rolleyes:


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