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Anybody know why I-910 was never signed?

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--- Quote from: agentsteel53 on May 31, 2009, 07:04:33 PM ---so I didn't get utterly confused.  They should call it BYPASS 90, in that case!

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Or they should switch the designations so the less-upgraded route is US 90 BUSINESS, but it'll be a moot point if/when I-49 comes to the area.


--- Quote from: agentsteel53 on May 31, 2009, 06:56:53 PM ---furthermore, isn't BUS US 90 a higher-grade expressway than regular US 90?  Or did I get confused the last time I was there due to poor signage?  I could've sworn regular US-90 had more traffic lights than BUS US 90.

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Yeah I've always thought that was ass-backwards.

My opinion is that all the completed segments of I-49 from NO to KC should be signed.  The segments that aren't up to freeway standards should be signed "FUTURE" I-49.  They should also put "TO I-49" signage along the sections of US 71 that parallel future segments of I-49 that haven't been built yet.  That's the way they did it when they first started building the interstate system.  If it was good enough for the 1960s and 1970s, then it's good enough for today.

there is no sensible reason why I-49 should be the number for an east-west freeway that runs entirely south of I-10.  I-6 is a much more practical number, if we're still in the business of handing out under-three-digit numbers to Louisiana for their highways that are entirely inside their state.  If we'd like to have a smarter policy, how about I-810?


--- Quote from: froggie on May 31, 2009, 08:21:31 PM ---It should be noted that, although FHWA offered I-910 to Louisiana, I have yet to find where LaDOTD actually accepted the number.  All of their recent route logs and shapefiles still list it as BUSINESS US 90.

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Wow, I thought it was official.

The 'swoop' from Lafayette to New Orleans of I-49 should be labeled something else. Unlike I-25 in New Mexico that turns north on the southbound side, there isn't going to be an eventual destination SOUTH of New Orleans for I-49.

Or unless you want to do a MI-5, and put up a sign in Lafayette at I-10 and say "I-49 South Ends, I-49 East Begins". Although unconventional for the choice of number, it does all I-49 a continuous route although bidirectional.



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