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Famous CT-34 terminus revised


Fans of the famous New Haven Route 34 terminus at the Air Rights Parking Garage (Exit 3), will notice that the relics of expressways past are gone as the DOT revised the expressway ending.

Here is a look at the old terminus

Route 34 West (end of the expressway)
The Expressway ends as three lanes, the left lane peels off for authorized only vehicles for the parking garage, Exit 3 now boasts of a two lane exit with a new trafic signal leading onto North Frontage Road.  Complete with new signage. There is also a rotary for the authorized only vehicles in the median, only feet from the parking garage.

The old version, two lanes ended abruptly, and the last lane turned into the one-lane Exit 3 off-ramp yielding onto North Frontage Road.

Route 34 East (start of the expressway)

South Frontage Road now has a three lane split, two lanes continue straight for South Frontage Road and two lanes peel off for the new Route 34 Expressway start (The middle lane is an option lane, where drivers can go left onto the expressway or stay straight on S. Frontage Rd)

Previously, drivers had to get into the far left-lane to take the expressway, this caused blocks of backups as drivers had to merge over two lanes.

If anybody gets any new pics...please post.

To toot my own horn, there are some more photos of the CT 34 stub at

yes, those classic cement slabs in your photos have been paved over with a traffic circle for "authorized vehicles only" who are using the garage.

Also,the cement slabs and lane markings UNDER the garage are gone too.


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